Writing Materials

  1. Writing Process Poster
  2. Editing Marks Poster
  3. List of Research Steps
  4. Editing PowerPoint 1
  5. Editing PowerPoint 2
  6. Editing PowerPoint 4
  7. Editing PowerPoint 5
  8. Editing PowerPoint 6
  9. Editing PowerPoint 7
  10. Editing PowerPoint 8
  11. Editing PowerPoint 9
  12. Editing PowerPoint 10
  13. Grammar Scope and Sequence (Embedded in Broader Literacy Curriculum)

One response to “Writing Materials

  1. I looked through the writing materials available and they are fabulous and I can’t wait to use the resources off this site more in my classroom. I was wondering, what are some highly effective ways to teach elementary students how to revise with the help of a peer? Also, how do you make the difference between editing and revising clear; my students often end up helping each other with spelling rather than ‘growing’ and changing ideas (ie making the wrting more descriptive). I had some ways that worked well with older students (3rd, 4th, 5th) but the first and second graders in my classroom are often daunted by this task. How can I help scaffold the act of revising their own writing? Thanks for the wonderful resources available on this web site!

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