Reading Materials

  1. Introduction to Reading Workshop Unit Plan
  2. Unit Two: Deeper Reading Strategies
  3. Unit Three: Character Study
  4. Unit Four: Story Elements
  5. Reading Attitudinal Survey
  6. Exit Ticket (Daily, Formative Assessment)
  7. Sight Word Cards (Preprimer to Third Grade)
  8. Word-of-the-Day Vocabulary Plan
  9. Morning Work Sample
  10. Ideas for Mini-Lesson Objectives
  11. Ideas for Building \”I Can\” and \”I Want\” Motivation from YES Prep Teachers
  12. Reading Tracking Sheet for Students

2 responses to “Reading Materials

  1. Melissa Pallin


    I’ve enjoyed exploring your website! I am a math specialist, who is interested in organizing and expanding her children’s books. I have purchased many pieces that I have loved reading, and have developed quite a collection. I find high-quality, economically-priced books at Half-Price books, my local bookstore, thrifts stores, and also at Borders and Barnes and Nobles when I am too excited to wait! I hated reading as a kid, and reading is so much a part of my life. To make books attractive and accessible is my goal. Any tips to share?

  2. Two years ago, I went to one of Sara Cotner’s session and it changed my teaching forever. She is soo amazing, her resources are unmatched. Thank you Sara for making this available!

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