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Family Involvement Phone Magnets

We’re having a Meet & Greet tomorrow night with children and their families. I’m putting together phone magnets to hand out. I like to pass out magnets with my phone number, the school’s phone number, our classroom webpage, and our class values so families can stick it on their refrigerators and have easy access to it.

Directions for Making Your Own Refrigerator Magnets

  1. Design a sheet of magnets using the table option in Microsoft Word (or work from my template)
  2. Print the sheets on cardstock
  3. Either laminate the whole sheet and then cut or cut out each card and laminate it separately (I usually just laminate the whole sheet and then cut, since magnets get stuck on the fridge and pretty much left alone).
  4. Apply a piece of peel-and-stick magnetic tape (I’ve seen it sold at Office Max and Wal-Mart in the craft section)
  5. Voila!