About the Author

Sara Cotner is an independent educational consultant who presents seminars and workshops on unit-planning using a backwards-design approach, implementing reading and writing workshop, creating reliable/valid/authentic assessments, using community meetings to help students develop better decision-making, and increasing teacher effectiveness through improved organization and time management. She is an adjunct faculty member with Teacher U at Hunter College in New York, and she works part-time as the Student Learning Coordinator for KIPP Sharpstown in Houston.

Her past experience includes working on the Knowledge Development and Public Engagement team at Teach For America, as well as the Teacher Preparation team. She has been teaching for seven years, first as a third grade teacher in rural Louisiana through Teach For America, and then as a reading and writing workshop teacher at high-performing charter schools for low-income students, including KIPP Academy and a YES Prep Public School. She has also taught 1st through 3rd grade at a public Montessori school in Denver and holds her Lower Elementary credential from the American Montessori Society.

If you are interested in bringing her to your school or district for professional development, please e-mail saracotner@yahoo.com.


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