Montessori First Great Lesson

I’ve decided to tell the First Montessori Great Story about the Big Bang on the first day of school. Part of me likes to wait a few days because I see the benefit of building anticipation and excitement (I just read all about it in Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning). However, I’ve decided to do it on the first day of school this year because I want to start the year with–you know it’s coming!–a bang.

I want them to realize that the entire universe is within their reach and that our three years together will help them uncover the tools within them that they need to explore their world.

In my Montessori training, we learned to tell a rather involved story that incorporates a lot of experiments. When I was listening to the story during training, I found myself getting lost in all the digressions. I decided that I would tell the story more coherently, cohesively, and concisely and then do follow up lessons with some of the experiments that were in the original story.

I use a PowerPoint presentation to help me tell the story. Then I provide the same story in card form so the children can revisit the story again and again.

What are your thoughts about how and when to most effectively tell the First Great Story?


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