The Neverending Story (Er, “To Do List”)

It’s getting to that point where I finally acknowledge that I won’t be able to accomplish every single ambitious item on my to-do list before school starts next Monday.

I’ve come a long way since I started my career in education ten years ago in 1999. I used to make my to-do list on sticky notes. Millions of them. Everywhere.

When I first started teaching full-time in 2000, I hadn’t yet realized that I couldn’t get everything done (I’ve always been overly-optimistic!). So, I naturally did what any other person listening to their id would do: I did all the fun things first.

My first year, I had the most beautiful posters everywhere. But I had terrible lesson plans…

Going into my eighth year of teaching, I have a very strategic, centralized action plan (thanks David Allen and Stephen Covey!), and I also have the self-awareness to realize that not everything is going to get done. As a result, I have to start prioritizing. I’m thinking about Day One and everything that needs to be in place to have an amazing Monday (next week!). Thankfully, I’ve done lots of the bigger-picture planning (vision, goals, assessments, etc.), so I can make sure to align all of my day-to-day stuff with the end vision.

So, um, I guess I better go get to work!


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