Need for More Comprehensive Education Is Apparent

Two headlines in the New York Times startled me this morning:

  1. Fed Hopes to Ease Strain on Economic Activity
  2. Sex Infections Found in Quarter of Teenage Girls

In the first article, one economist bluntly explained, “They are essentially creating a $300 billion bank out of nothing” in order to slow the crisis caused by a bunch of financially irresponsible borrowers and lenders. When you dig deeper into the second article about sexually-transmitted diseases, you realize the number is staggeringly higher for African-American girls (read: 50%).

Most articles you read about education today are, unfortunately, about the narrowing of the curriculum as states push tests primarily focused on reading and math.

Yes, our kids need basic academic skills, but it is readily apparent that they need much more. Our schools need to take on the responsibility of preparing children to succeed in life, which according to the aforementioned articles, needs to include both physical wellness and financial responsibility.

The purpose of public education is to level the playing field, to create a meritocracy in which every person can achieve their dreams if they put in the effort necessary to do so. But the current state of our world indicates that we can’t level the playing field if we relegate things like sexuality and financial responsibility solely to the family.


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